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Tourists are waiting for price reduction for tours to Egypt

communities , completed a survey showing how many tourists plan to purchase a tour to Egypt in the near future. According to the survey results, only 7% of respondents intend to do this.

In total, about two thousand respondents took part in the survey. Most of them preferred to take a wait-and-see attitude – they are waiting for a reduction in the cost of vouchers to this country. The largest number of respondents decided to wait for charter flights. This answer was chosen by 33% of respondents.

27% of survey participants said that they were not at all interested in tours to the Egyptian direction. The third most popular answer was: “I will wait for the increase in the number of flights, due to which there will be a decrease in prices.” This was the answer of 26% of the respondents. It is possible that this category of respondents implies a likely increase in the quota for regular flights.

Currently, the opportunities for recreation in the Red Sea resorts of Egypt are significantly limited. And the reason for this is the lack of direct flights from Russian regions to Egyptian resorts. Therefore, the results of the study are expected. But in the event of an increase or cancellation of quotas in this area, the question of the mass character of Egypt will remain open. Commenters have different opinions.

One part of them is confident that the appearance of a charter message will make Egyptian resorts a place of democratic recreation. User Vasya Helpmi comments: “Charter flights will go to Egypt, prices will drop instantly. Currently, a two-week vacation in the Republic of Turkey for two under the all inclusive system costs from 50,000 rubles. User Murray SPB has a different opinion: “A mass tourist who has been sitting at home for more than six years thinks that in Egypt he will face the prices of six years ago. Then the dollar was worth 35 rubles. Today we need to wait for mass sobering up. Egypt will never be a cheap holiday destination. “

in budget hotels and guest houses at a very affordable cost. These tours can become competitors to the Egyptian.

Today, direct flights to Egyptian resorts can only be taken from Moscow. The quota for ten flights in each direction was received by two carriers – “Russia “and EgyptAir.

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