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Tourists in Abu Dhabi will need one more document


Abu Dhabi authorities announced a number of Covid-19 security measures on Saturday. New rules limit the opportunities for people vaccinated against Covid to visit public places (green pass protocol reflected in the AlHosn app); increase the capacity of shopping centers and eateries in particular; and define the process for visitors to register their overseas vaccination certificates. From 20 August, access to public places in Abu Dhabi has been restricted to residents and tourists who have been vaccinated against Covid.

Additionally, a covid test is needed. Visitors must have a green status in the AlHosn app. The status is obtained after passing the analysis for covid and receiving a negative result. The result is saved for 30 days. There are concessions for children under the age of 16. Unvaccinated citizens and those with a gray status in the AlHosn mobile application (which reflects an expired PCR test) are prohibited from entering public places. Tourists who have a new residence permit can take advantage of a grace period of 60 days for vaccinations.

There are also special deadlines for vaccinating people who are taking part in trials. In this case, there are nuances and have nothing to do with the general flow of tourists. Public places include shopping malls, restaurants, cafes and all other retail outlets, including those outside the mall, as well as gyms, recreation and sports facilities, etc.
Since entry into the country is restricted only to vaccinated individuals, the authorities of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi have increased the operational capacity for some activities. Another part of the rules will come into force on August 20.

Museums will operate at 80 percent. The workload of restaurants and cafes has increased to 80 percent, which allows up to 10 people to sit at one company table. Face masks should be worn when you are not dining. Health clubs, sports academies, gyms and spas will operate at 50% capacity. Public events can reach a maximum of 60 percent of the capacity. This also applies to exhibitions and conferences, as well as recreational activities, including theatrical performances and concerts. The taxi driver can travel with three passengers in a 5-seater taxi and four passengers in a seven-seater.

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