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Tourists may not be interested in excursion flights to Luxor or Cairo

It is worth pointing out in which cases such a trip will be really profitable and in demand. The Association of Tour Operators of Russia, with reference to experts in the tourism industry, reports that such an initiative of the Egyptian authorities is unlikely to find the desired response among Russians. As for the Egyptian resorts, travelers visit them mainly in order to enjoy a quality beach vacation. In the context of the coronavirus pandemic, many tourists are simply not interested in traveling with excursion groups, as there is a risk of infection. Officials from different countries have repeatedly stated that in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, all tourists need to be careful and think about how to protect themselves from possible infection. Also, many tourists are not yet ready for an additional flight, even if it is very short.

tourist points will be in demand due to the fact that the ticket costs 99 dollars in 2 directions per passenger. On the other hand, a family of two will have to pay almost $ 200 for a flight to the attractions. You also need to add an excursion service, the purchase of some souvenirs and food. In total, the trip will need to spend about $ 500, which is a lot in the current environment. It is unlikely that anyone would be ready to give that kind of money for a trip lasting only one day. 50-60 dollars need to be paid for a sightseeing bus trip from Hurghada to Luxor. This format is likely to continue to enjoy the greatest demand.

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