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Tourists returning from Morocco bring covid with them


The Belgian Ministry of Health said that a high incidence of covid is recorded among those returning from Morocco. It should be noted that the country is currently open to Russians.

According to the Belgian Ministry of Health, 7.5% of tourists arriving in Belgium from Morocco were diagnosed with covid. The incidence of coronavirus in tourists returning from “red” countries since last month has dropped by two percentage points. Previously, the highest figure was shown by Spain. This country accounted for 7% of infections.

Biostatist Gert Molenbergs said that travelers who come from an African state are likely to ignore travel advice. This affects the incidence rates. The expert comments: “Most tourists visit relatives whom they have not seen for over a year. The main reason for outbreaks is close contact. “

Only in the period 1-8 July was covid confirmed in 0.9% of those who returned from Morocco. During this time, the incidence rate has shown a rapid increase. Although in most countries, a downward trend began to emerge. The Institute's statistics from August 1 showed that about 2.2% of tourists returned from Spain with an infection. From the Turkish Republic, covid was brought in 2.3%, from Portugal – 1.7%. The Netherlands and France account for less than 1%.

Morocco is currently on the Belgian red list for coronavirus. Molenbergs said that about 10 thousand new cases of the disease are recorded in this country every day. At the beginning of last month, this figure did not even exceed 500. Covid is detected in every fifth resident of the country.

As for vaccination, in Morocco it is also at a low level. This means that tourists in this country are more likely to get sick. To date, both components have received about 30% of the population.

According to WHO statistics, over the past day, 9778 new cases and 105 deaths from covid. During the entire time of the pandemic, 711,103 cases of covid were recorded. Of these, more than 10.5 thousand deaths.

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