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Tourists should be careful when applying for a visa to Greece

Some countries are ready to accept foreign tourists only with an entry visa. Very often, this visa becomes the subject of much debate on how to get around the necessary requirements. Tourists resort to a variety of tricks that allow them to get a visa and not spend extra money. Recently, social networks and telegram groups began to discuss the issue of issuing visas to Greece and actions in case of a certain type of violation. As you know, in order to obtain a visa permit you need to present a confirmation of your hotel booking. Some tourists cancel their reservation immediately after the visa has been issued.

There was information that the department of the Greek Consulate in Novosibirsk began to check reservations more closely and control this issue strictly. Eyewitnesses report that in some cases already issued visas are canceled due to ineffective booking. We are talking about those reservations that were canceled immediately after obtaining a visa. Representatives of the tourism business believe that such checks have begun to be done more often, and therefore tourists need to be careful and avoid violations. In some cases, an unscrupulous applicant may simply be warned by a call for the first time and not canceled the visa, provided that the reservation originally specified in the application is restored.

If you look at the situation sensibly, then the consulate is doing the right thing, which monitors the execution of documents according to the law. Mandatory booking in a hotel in Greece does not mean that you cannot plan multiple itineraries with visits to multiple accommodation facilities. To the package of documents, you can attach an approximate route of your trip and hotel booking for several days, taking into account the fact that it is planned to visit several cities. Tourists on social networks confirm that visas are issued for this format of recreation without any problems. In fact, extradition rules are most often tightened precisely because of numerous violations.

As for Greece, it is one of the few European states that does not adhere to the general policy regarding the reception of foreign tourists … Russian vaccine Sputnik recognized there, which means Greece can be considered for the next destination.

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