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Turkey discusses the issue of introducing new covid restrictions

A Federation representative said: “Coffee shops and cafes in Turkey have suffered a lot of damage due to covid restrictions. They will not tolerate a second lockdown. We are forced to appeal to the public with a statement that we will not accept clients who have not received both doses. “

This news spread with lightning speed through the media in Turkey. It was instantly replicated by bloggers. But a little later, a representative of the Federation denied his initial statement. He stated that the Federation has no rights to restrict access to unvaccinated guests.

But still, due to the increase in the incidence of covid, the country s government is thinking about returning a number of restrictions. Thus, the head of the Turkish Ministry of Health, Fahrettin Koca, said that a number of public places will require the presentation of test results. At present, the daily incidence in the republic is very close to 30,000 cases. Although the limit is considered 20,000.

The official noted: “We may introduce a requirement to provide test results for a number of locations. This will allow you to find out if the person sitting on the same bus or movie theater is infected. A number of countries have resorted to this measure to protect their citizens. ”The testing will presumably be free. However, their production time takes several days.

There is still no official permission for tests. There has been no clarification from the Turkish Interior Ministry as to whether the new restrictions will affect travelers. Currently, catering establishments are allowed restrictions.

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