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Turkey is on the “red” list of Great Britain again

It is reported that today there are 60 countries in the British “red list”. Among them is Turkey. It closed to British tourists about three months ago. We add that British citizens returning from the Republic of Turkey and having financial resources will face ten days of isolation. It takes place at the observatory and is paid out of one s own pocket. In addition, they will have to pass two tests. Accommodation at the observatory cost £ 1,750 (over 177,000 rubles). Now, the British returning from Turkey will have to pay 2,285 pounds for quarantine. In ruble terms, this is more than 228,000 rubles. All changes took effect from yesterday.

According to the latest update, 7 states were added to the “green” list. Previously were in the “yellow”. The UK recognized Slovenia, Austria, Norway, Germany and others as epidemiologically safe. Tourists coming from these countries were freed from quarantine.

At the same time, none of the “green” countries “turned yellow”.

According to the British traffic light system, all countries are separated into three colors, depending on the epidemiological situation in them. Different lists apply different restrictions.

Tourists from green countries are allowed to enter the UK without isolation. Tourists from the “yellow” countries will have a ten-day quarantine at the address indicated by them. However, this rule was relaxed last month – vaccinated tourists were freed from quarantine. This list contains about 150 countries.

The most stringent requirements are imposed on tourists arriving from “red” countries. They will have a ten-day quarantine at the observatory and three tests – before leaving, on the second and eighth days. Violators of the quarantine will face criminal liability.

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