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Turkish Resort Reservations Continue Despite Series of Cancellations

With his comment, the official tried to defuse the situation around the resorts, engulfed in flames. The country is still struggling with the worst wildfires that started late last month. The tourist centers suffered a lot from these fires. The resorts of the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts have suffered the most. The head of the department comments: “There are temporary cancellations. However, bookings are ongoing.”

The fire destroyed tens of thousands of hectares of forests. This fire became the strongest in the history of the country. But the air harbors of the regions, which suffered the most from the fire element, record a rapid increase in arrivals. The representative of the Ministry of Tourism said that he hopes for the soonest return of the regions to normal life. The Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry said in which provinces fires are still observed. These are Isparta, Burdur, Mugla and others. Failed to take control of about thirteen fires.

Although, according to a representative of the Ministry of Tourism, the fires will not interfere with the achievement of the planned goal. Mr Ersoy noted that the government's target of 25 million travelers is still in place. Tourists will bring over $ 20 billion to the country's budget.

Tourism in Turkey accounts for about 4% of GDP. Tourism provides the main flow of foreign exchange. According to statistics, in 2020, when many countries of the world were forced to enter quarantine, the revenues of the Turkish tourism industry decreased by $ 20 billion. It is difficult to predict what the near future of tourism will be after a series of disasters (earthquakes, fires, epidemics).

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