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UAE resorts to undergo changes after the opening of Egypt

According to him, the demand for the United Arab Emirates should decrease by about 30%. First of all, this will affect the budget segment, which will choose another country and most likely it will be Egypt. Earlier, experts who are well familiar with the situation in the United Arab Emirates reported that Egypt will attract low-budget tourists, and people with money will continue to travel to the Emirates. However, you need to understand that a certain share of the luxury segment will also go to Egypt. Perhaps, attempts to increase tourist flow to the United Arab Emirates will be accepted by individual tour operators.

Current coronavirus restrictions do not allow airlines and tour operators to use the entire volume carrying capacity. According to the CEO of Space Travel, in the next winter season, the United Arab Emirates will face the expansion of air travel. Also, in the upcoming winter season, the Maldives, Sri Lanka or Seychelles will not be closed for Russian tourists. Most likely, the national airline Aeroflot will pay more attention to the Maldives and increase traffic. In addition, the increase in the number of frequencies may also affect the Middle East airlines. This means that Russian tourists will have enough options for flights both on direct flights and on connecting flights.

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