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Unique sight in Russia opened in the mountains of Sochi

First of all, you need to designate its mobility. Since the bridge is not firmly fixed, tourists who will pass over it at an altitude of 2320 meters above sea level are guaranteed to experience a lot of vivid emotions. It is clear that people who are afraid of heights should not rest there. The steps were made of transparent monolithic polycarbonate, which was fastened with special cables and metal brackets. There are a lot of similar attractions in the world, and according to social networks, one can understand how much tourists are interested in them. At least, there are enough videos with irony on this topic.

According to the press service of the project organizer, the bridge is a unique structure. The developers paid attention to how such a landmark functions abroad, but in the end they created their own version. At the initial stage, this bridge will certainly attract high attention. If you look at the photos of the bridge, it seems that it is very dangerous to walk on it. In order to prevent the possible dissemination of inaccurate information, we indicate that the safety of vacationers is guaranteed thanks to special safety equipment. Every person planning to cross this bridge puts on an insurance that reliably protects. In addition, the height of the interested person must be at least 130 centimeters, and his weight cannot exceed 100 kg.

Amateurs The thrill of Rose Peak can take advantage of the opportunity and get the adrenaline rush on three suspension bridges.

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