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Vladimir region canceled coronavirus requirements for checking into hotels

The Vladimir region canceled the coronavirus requirements for checking into hotels according to vaccine certificates, test results, or a document on the transferred disease. The order was signed the day before by the head of the Vladimir region, Vladimir Sipyagin. As a reminder, according to these requirements, regional accommodation facilities have occupied tourists for a little less than a month.

The Association of Hoteliers and Restaurateurs of the region said that the occupancy rate of hotels during the period of the covid restrictions has decreased by half. On some days, including weekends, the load did not exceed 20%. A representative of the Association comments: “This is a real disaster for the high season.” Most of the tourists preferred to rest in the Vladimir region in the nearby regions (Kostroma, Yaroslavl, Novgorod, etc.).

So, in Suzdal to Booking. LOM recorded a little less than 190 accommodation facilities. And most of them are unofficial (116). The expert adds: “The most affected were the official accommodation facilities, which strictly followed the order and adhered to covid protocols. However, they remained half empty. ”

Region removes restrictions by the end of the season. And this coincided with the traditional decline in the tourist flow. Hotel owners have no choice but to rely on favorable autumn weather. The introduction of such restrictions has a significant impact on the entire tourism industry. Travelers have stopped planning long-term travel. By this time, the sale of New Year s tours should start. But what to sell when there are no guests?

Let s add that restrictive measures are still in effect in most Russian regions. Vaccine certificates, test results or a certificate for antibodies are required by Astrakhan, Pskov, Irkutsk, Sevastopol and other hotels. And in the Kuban, from the beginning of the month, only those vaccinated or those who have recovered from covid can get to sanatoriums. The test results will be allowed only if the tourist signs an agreement that he will be vaccinated within three days.

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