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What are the plans for the autumn tour operators in Egypt?

Despite the current situation, tour operators are already forming programs to Egypt. Tour Operator ANEX Tour When asked by Countryscanner about the transportation of tourists to Egypt in September, he answered the following: “ Tours to Egypt with a direct flight from Moscow to resorts on Egyptair flights are now available again. On these flights, ANEX Tour has a guaranteed seat quota. The first flight was carried out on August 9 with a frequency of 3-4 times a week. The flight status is regular. Route Moscow-Hurghada-Moscow, as well as Moscow-Sharm-El-Sheikh-Moscow. For the fall, the tours have already been calculated, we expect the expansion of flight programs. ”If the forecasts of the experts turn out to be correct, then it is in September that clear information on quotas for charters to Egypt should appear.

& quot; At the moment, Intourist is forming tours to the resorts of Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh on the flights of the Egyptian national carrier Egypt air, as well as regular flights through Cairo, reports Countryscanner Intourist press service . According to social networks, only in extremely rare cases are tourists willing to travel to Egypt via Cairo. This program is considered by many to be unprofitable in terms of pricing and travel time.

As you can see, so far only a regular-based product remains available. This scenario was predicted by representatives of the tourism business. According to the scenario that has been repeatedly voiced in the media, the next stage should be the launch of charter and regular flights to Egyptian resorts from Russian regions. The main thing is that flights fly from all airports that can send international flights in a pandemic.

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