What I don't like about Abkhazia

Of course, everyone immediately thought that, now, she will now begin to scold the Abkhaz tourist service, living conditions in hotels, buffet meals; in former Soviet sanatoriums or will criticize Abkhazian medicine, education and cleanliness on the beaches. Or maybe she also doesn’t like the attitude of the local population towards tourists??? -effekt-jandeks-dzen-ae61f15.jpg” />Author's photo on the background of the Pitsunda beach OPK Photo of the author on the background of the Pitsunda OPK beach NO!

To all of the above, I am condescending. In any country, you can find shortcomings, especially in the tourism business. As they say, we are all different in taste and color…

Nature in Abkhazia beckons me and smooths out all the unpleasant moments of my #journey. The Abkhazian climate heals my body, fills it with strength, peace and some kind of enduring joy, which lasts for a long time. Memories of my next trip to Abkhazia warm the cold and dank Russian winter.

#rest in abkhazia #sea rest #tourism in abkhazia 

Sleep to the sound of the sea and wake up with the first rays of the bright southern sun to me in a buzz that no one and nothing will spoil.

So what do you not like about Abkhazia?!

You ask my readers. And I will answer you. I don't like the fact that almost in Abkhazia


Author's photo. . Pitsunda, 2020Photo by the author. . Pitsunda, 2020

Seriously guys. In Abkhazia, dogs live everywhere. There are a lot of different-sized dogs, but there are no cats at all.

For example, on the territory of the huge tourist ghetto of the united boarding houses of Pitsunda, for all the seasons of my stay there, I met only one #cat with kittens. She lived under the wooden structure of the cafe, apparently because one of the waiters fed her.

I saw two cats on the territory of the current Orthodox church near the Great Pitsunda Cathedral.


No, I'm lying. Once again, a cat jumped out in the city near Cypress Alley, so I had to stand up for it, because the #dog was right there right there and wanted to offend the cat.

Thanks for the advice and discussion in the comments! My other articles about Abkhazia can be found here.

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