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What s in Tanzania after August 17th? The decisions of the Headquarters have become known

As you know, in April air traffic with Turkey and Tanzania was suspended. These two countries at that time were recognized as dangerous. However, Turkey was opened long ago, but there are certain problems with Tanzania. Until September 2, inclusive, the Operational Headquarters extends the suspension of flights with Tanzania, which was officially announced today, August 16. The country is considered to be further epidemiologically dangerous. If you look at the aspirations of the country s authorities, we can assume that closer to autumn the situation will really stabilize.

On July 20, the restriction on air traffic with Tanzania was extended by the decision of the headquarters until August 17 inclusive. Now one more extension. In the meantime, the Tanzanian government said it will continue to create favorable conditions for the growth of the sports tourism sector and other areas related to the arrival of foreigners. Experts expressed their optimism about Tanzania's economic outlook, as the World Bank predicts a global economic recovery that is likely to bypass other poor countries.

The World Bank recently posted on its blog that this year is likely to see the strongest post-crisis recovery in 80 years, with global GDP growing 5.6 percent. Growth in advanced economies is expected to hit 5.4 percent, the highest in nearly 50 years, thanks to rapid vaccinations and unprecedented fiscal and monetary policy support since the pandemic began. Tanzania has the potential to recover faster than other countries. Tanzania has not suffered as much as other countries in the region since it did not impose a strict lockdown as a measure to control the spread of Covid-19. The only shock she experienced was in the tourism sector because most of the countries were under lockdown.

A World Bank publication showed that Covid-19 harms the poorest countries the most. IDA countries are experiencing an increase in maternal and child mortality due to reduced access to health services and food. Conflict and instability also exacerbate problems. Tourism can help in recovery, for this reason, officials are taking all possible measures to support it.

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