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What will be the new tourist season for the UAE?

In winter 2020, the UAE was almost the only option for beach mass tourism. Experts told what the new season will be for the UAE and what impact the return of Egypt to the Russian market will have on it.

During the period when almost the whole world remained closed, the Russian market became the leader in the Emirates. Al Khalidiah Tourism said: “A lot of changes have happened since the pandemic. Our market, which has undergone a change in the balance of power, is no exception. The leading positions are occupied by Russia and the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States. Last season, the tourist flow was significantly higher than two years ago. Among the most affected are travel operators that did not operate on the CIS market. The volumes they received turned out to be several times lower than predicted. Many DMCs have decided to turn to the Russian market. “

Experts say that the upcoming season will depend on a number of factors. The first is the discovery of Egypt. It will draw away both tourists and mass tourist operators from the UAE. The second is the EXPO-2020 exhibition. This event will take place in Dubai. Its start is scheduled for October 1. It will last about six months. The UAE tourism industry has high hopes for this event. But the current rate of bookings is slightly different than expected. Most of the hoteliers who raised their price tags and closed sales in hopes of a trade show backed down. The third factor is the gradual opening of Europe. Tourists from the EU countries are also planning to go to the UAE in winter.

Space Travel said that Egypt will certainly draw on some of the tourist flow … According to experts forecasts, it will decrease by 30%. And it will affect, first of all, low-cost carriers and charters. About 50% will go to Egypt. ART-TOUR has a similar opinion.

As for the cost, they will directly depend on the volume of air transportation. In the past year, the high price tags were mainly due to its lack.

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