You will not be filled with love. Visiting a Sochi sponsor

I am a solo traveler, meaning I like to travel alone. But this is now. And somehow I had a period in my life when I was looking for a male travel sponsor.

By that time, I was already disappointed in love, but I had not yet tried to build relationships on a practical basis.< /p>Channel author

Well, where to find a sponsor nowadays? Of course, on the Internet, on a dating site. Previously, on a dating site, you could even put a tick in the settings “I'm looking for a sponsor.”


And now, a sponsor has been found. It was a man with a huge apartment from Sochi. Drawing conclusions from my bitter experience with a previous failed holiday romance, I spoke with the new applicant not only by phone, but also via Skype. In general, I liked the man.

And in general, everything was great, at least for the first two days (and we agreed on four, provided that I pay for my own travel).

I had just taken a ticket to a sanatorium near Moscow and went to Moscow via Sochi, deciding that for four days I was visiting my a new acquaintance in Sochi will be quite enough to understand whether we are suitable for each other to continue the relationship.

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October evening Sochi greeted me with amazingly warm weather. Arriving from dank Moscow, I seemed to be in a fairy tale.

My new friend met me in a friend's car. It turned out that he did not have his car at the moment. A friend drove us home and left.

The apartment turned out to be really big, you could get lost in it, honestly. The first evening went great.

The following days were devoted to fishing, swimming and socializing with friends.

Fishing Channel Author Fishing Channel Author “8”>On the third day, I realized that my friend was saving on food. That is, in order not to feed me at his own expense, he takes me to his friends and feeds me at their expense. I thought it was funny. And so, while my "sponsor" away somewhere, I went down to the yard and bought a head of cabbage, onions, carrots and chicken at the mini-market.

Cooked chicken and sauerkraut. When my friend returned, he was delighted with my culinary delights, and it was the only evening when we did not go to visit anyone, but just walked along the embankment.

On the fourth day in the evening, I began to pack my suitcase, and a friend demanded attention.

– Wait a moment, I'll pack my suitcase, and then we'll have dinner and talk, I said.< /p>

My train to Moscow left in the morning, and I wanted to pack my suitcase in advance so as not to fuss in the morning.

Scandal out of the blue

A buddy stood over me and started telling me how to fold things properly. Word for word, they began to quarrel and, in the end, everything turned into a typical family scandal. I didn't even understand how it happened that my “sponsor” so suddenly pissed off.

For a moment, I became afraid. And suddenly he is generally a psycho, inadequate, even some kind of maniac. In any case, I did not want to return from Sochi with a broken face. And I grabbed my packed suitcase and rushed out of the apartment.

Having asked the concierge to call me a taxi, I drove it to the train station. Having bought boiled chicken at the station buffet, I honestly shared it with a stray cat, who somehow immediately took me under his protection at the station. So, in the company of this cat, I waited for my train.

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Copied from Yandex. My photos, unfortunately, have not been preserved. Copied from Yandex. My photos, unfortunately, have not been preserved

Having bought a cutlet as parting for my fluffy companion in the buffet, I got on my train with a light heart and left from Sochi.

This was my last experience looking for a sponsor, after this #travel I never even tried dating men to live for them again account at some resort.


I must say that I was still satisfied with my trip then. #Sochi in October is beautiful. The water in the sea is no longer so warm, but swimming is quite comfortable. The sun is hot and sunbathing in such weather is a pleasure.

In October, Abkhazians are already starting to sell their tangerines. The skin of such tangerines is still green, but the fruit itself is already juicy and tasty very. October is the time of persimmon, and you will not try such a delicious persimmon as in the Caucasus at this time.

Sochi in October, photo of the author of the channelSochi in October, photo of the author of the channelSochi in October, photo of the author of the channelSochi in October, photo of the author of the channel , autumn in Sochi is indescribable. The color of evergreens is mixed with the yellowed foliage of seasonal trees. It looks amazing. Actually, of course, I am in love with Sochi, with the nature and energy of this city, so my impressions may be slightly exaggerated. So, go and see for yourself, but for some reason I am sure that the autumn Sochi will not disappoint you.

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